Virginia Woolf once said that ‘books are the mirrors of the soul’. As reflections of our intentional or unintentional choices, they echo our values, beliefs, and raison d’être. 78 years later, Woolf’s words were mirrored at the presentation of the #humAInism project at the 14th edition of the IGF in Berlin.

Participants attending the #humAInism session were asked to select three books from the body of human knowledge that could provide better understanding of humanity, the question of free will, human dignity, and what defines us as humans and responsible citizens in the AI era.

For the next stage of the project, a team of philosophers, theologians, ethicists, and jurists will map out a body of human knowledge – philosophical and literary works, popular culture, and religious texts that are relevant to developing and regulating AI.

The visualisation below illustrates books, such as Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, 1984 by George Orwell, and Das Kapital by Karl Marx, that were selected at various #humAInism events, including panels, IGF 2019, and university lectures.