What is humAInism?

Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone will be impacted by it. Welcome to the world of AI.

As we witness calls for regulation and oversight of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we need to ask ourselves whether AI can draft a social contract for the AI era. The humAInism project offers answers to these questions.

The objective of humAInism is to:

  • Develop AI systems that will draft a guide or social contract on how to navigate the uncharted waters of the emerging AI era

  • Showcase AI tools that are able to assist diplomats in multilateral negotiations, and draft reports and statements on a broad range of issues

The humAInism project therefore invites tech companies and research institutions to develop AI systems that are able to analyse the human knowledge and thinking in order to produce a ‘new kind of social contract’ or guide which will help humanity navigate the uncharted waters of the emerging AI era.

Under the hood

By utilising both proprietary and open source solutions, we are testing the potential and pushing the limits of existing AI technology.

Through our technical and domain expertise, we are carefully gathering diverse datasets, both structured and unstructured, that are the backbone of the project. Our skilled team of developers then uses this data to train machine learning (ML) models, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.


Why humAInism?2020-01-27T12:57:53+01:00

The term ‘humAInism’ combines the concept of humanism with one of the most exciting technological developments of our time – artificial intelligence (AI). HumAInism explores what AI can do for humanity and how humanity can best be served by it.

What makes humAInism unique?2020-01-27T12:58:20+01:00

Codes of ethics and regulation of AI are hot topics at the moment. Everyone is intrigued and wants to have their say, but humAInism offers something new – a place for AI at the discussion table. Through the project, we can explore whether and how AI can draft a ‘social contract’ or guide to the AI era based on a collection of human knowledge which includes philosophical and literary works, legal and religious texts, media articles, etc.

Who is behind the humAInism project?2020-01-27T12:59:01+01:00

The idea for humAInism was born in 2018 at DiploFoundation. The project brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts that is composed of the technical community, ethicists, theologians, linguists, philosophers, and jurists.

DiploFoundation is a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland, which works to increase the role of small and developing states, and improve global governance and international policy development.

How can I participate in the humAInism project?2019-12-09T15:39:16+01:00

If you wish to participate or partner with humAInism, please contact us at ai@diplomacy.edu



Read more about the humAInism project in the introductory text by Prof. Dr Jovan Kurbalija, executive director of DiploFoundation and head of the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP). In other articles our experts will cover additional aspects of this project.

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